easyJet: Combatting the talent shortage by rectifying gender stereotypes

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Airlines, News

easyJet: Combatting the talent shortage by rectifying gender stereotypes


Aviation is struggling to attract young talent to the industry and one of the most visible problems is a gender imbalance. To learn more, read this article on Oliver Wyman and the International Aviation Womens Association’s (IAWA) report  “Lift Off To Leadership. Advancing Women in Aviation.”

New research by easyJet shows around four in ten (37%) children still believe being a pilot is a job exclusively for men and over a quarter of boys (28%) also believe that cabin crew is exclusively a job for women. Importantly, 86% of parents believe gender stereotypes begin at primary school age.

Seeking to rectify these misconceptions about aviation, easyJet is launching a new Summer Flight School to “combat persistent gendered stereotypes of pilot and cabin crew jobs and inspire more young people to consider a career in aviation.”

 Jane Storm, Chief People Officer for easyJet commented:

“We hope will inspire the next generation of pilots and cabin crew, showing young people that their aspirations don’t have to be limited by outdated stereotypes and help broaden their horizons. 

Increasing diversity in all of its forms across our airline and creating an inclusive environment where people can be themselves at work is incredibly important to us and is a long-term focus for easyJet, so we will continue to lead the industry on this issue.”

Looking at the composition of the industry, it is critical that steps must be taken from early on to establish a diverse workforce in order to optimise aviation’s growth and performance. Initiatives like easyJet’s are therefore a crucial part of redressing the balance.

World Aviation Festival are working in partnership with Women in Aviation & Aerospace Charter who will be hosting a keynote panel on diversity, equity and inclusivity at the event in September.