Interview with Choo Mun Fai, Vice President Digital Innovation at Singapore Airlines

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, News, On-demand, Travel Tech

Interview with Choo Mun Fai, Vice President Digital Innovation at Singapore Airlines


KrisLab, Singapore Airlines’ digital innovation lab was the official Innovation Partner for Aviation Festival Asia 2023.

Launched in 2018, KrisLab catalyses the digitalisation of the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group. The team works with a range of technology including blockchain, mixed reality devices, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. They also work with start-ups from around the world to co-develop creative digital solutions to challenges relating to the travel and aviation industry, as well as be a test bed for technology-related projects.

In this short, ten-minute interview, Mun Fai explains more around KrisLab and its achievements, exploring the dynamics of the pandemic and some of the solutions the lab has produced. Furthermore, the VP of Digital Innovation also discusses the industry from a broader perspective, explaining the importance of digital transformation, and outlining the types of innovation required to progress as an industry.


Questions asked:

  1. Are there any specific industry problems that KrisLab helps to solve?
  2. Since its launch in 2018, what are some of the exciting solutions that have been explored at KrisLab?
  3. How has the lab enabled you to emerge stronger from the pandemic?
  4. The aviation industry is undergoing a digital transformation, can you explain the importance of this?
  5. Could you describe the relationship between being a world leading digital airline and nurturing a culture of innovation?
  6. Why is it important to work with start-ups when developing creative digital solutions?
  7. Why did you decide to collaborate with Aviation Festival Asia as our Innovation Partner?


Article by Jess Brownlow