Case Study: Managed Services Support For Europe’s Largest Airline In ServiceNow ITSM And Cloud Management

Case Study: Managed Services Support For Europe’s Largest Airline In ServiceNow ITSM And Cloud Management

The Client

The client is an aviation group with operations worldwide comprising over 110,065 employees. The ServiceNow solution is used globally by the client and its partners for IT Service Management and Cloud Management.

The Challenge

The client uses ServiceNow to provide support for operational tasks related to IT Infrastructure and wanted to enhance the platform on an ongoing basis, with quicker response time leading to higher user satisfaction and improved user experience.

They were looking for a technology partner who could support and provide solutions for improved user experience in a multi provider environment, and perform new module implementations and integrations with multi-provider ITSM Platforms. The technology partner also had to support in onboarding multi providers to ServiceNow, enhance their cloud utilizations and reporting capabilities, and provide continual improvement.

The Solution

Mindtree collaborated with the client to instigate a structured delivery process and governance model. They provided support services and solutions in:

  • ITSM upliftment, visibility in cloud management and reporting
  • Enhanced user experience, redesign and development of the service catalogue
  • Automation in user management such as the creation/modification of a cost centre via catalog item
  • UAT for cloud module, MFA and change management module
  • Client Benefits
  • Quicker response time leading to higher user satisfaction
  • 85% work performed from offshore
  • SLA-based delivery and reduced backlogs
  • Faster deployment – Structured process for release management
  • Productivity increase via automation of group creation and management, change of TAG between ServiceNow and MS Azure for CostCentre and business service

See the full case study from Mindtree here.

Case Study: Lufthansa Cargo Soars Toward Cloud Readiness With Mindtree And TIBCO

Case Study: Lufthansa Cargo Soars Toward Cloud Readiness With Mindtree And TIBCO

During the global pandemic, Lufthansa Cargo faced many of the same challenges as other airlines: decreased passenger flights and increased freight requests. With growing demand for medical supplies, electronics, spare parts, and equipment during a supply chain crisis, Lufthansa Cargo had to pivot quickly.

Switching out passenger seats for cargo and bringing freight from the ocean into the air, the company retrofitted passenger planes into what have become known as “preighters.” Although adopting “preighters’’ was one of the most prominent adaptations Lufthansa Cargo made to accommodate market demands, the company still faced pressing issues involving freighter operations amid numerous travel restrictions, crew requirements, layovers, risk of crew quarantine, multi-leg trips, traffic rights, and more.

The company began its digital transformation journey years ago, but the pandemic accelerated the need to modernize additional processes to easily support rapidly changing global conditions. Before the pandemic, Lufthansa Cargo used several legacy applications to support its business processes. IT had to react on very short notice and adjust its systems within days while keeping operations stable and performing day-to-day.

To fuel its digital transformation and better respond to changing conditions, Lufthansa Cargo wanted to upgrade its technology to enable better responsiveness, speed time-to market, improve service support and quality, automate services, and reduce costs.

Lufthansa Cargo worked with TIBCO Partner Mindtree to integrate all its platforms into a single framework: integration, messaging, and APIs. With TIBCO’s comprehensive Connected Intelligence solutions, the Mindtree and Lufthansa Cargo teams created a model that improved Lufthansa’s current capabilities while pushing its transition journey forward.

The company had two main objectives:

  • First, become a digital company for digital booking, pricing, and revenue management.
  • Second, achieve digital fulfillment. Get rid of all the paper, automate processes, improve service quality, and provide a seamless transport journey for clients from original shipper to final consignee. Mindtree was responsible for gathering business requirements, maintaining applications, and migrating software. The TIBCO partner also developed a flexible API architecture on an on premises platform to host services and applications for end-to-end operations. The platform upgrade was key to cloud migration and cloud readiness.

With its new infrastructure, Lufthansa Cargo’s integration platform is now cloud-ready, and it has moved closer to its cloud-native goals. By moving to the cloud, the carrier can easily lower costs and accelerate service capabilities. Mindtree’s devOps support for the core cargo applications helped accelerate transformation and significantly reduce Lufthansa’s time-to-market.

The platform’s API-based programming connects to previously incompatible programs and legacy systems. Lufthansa Cargo reports successfully replacing 20-year-old legacy systems from start to finish and integrating all of its multiple CRMs. Its new integration platform brought together more than 80 applications and systems and bridged a wide data gap.

Besides installing a new API self-service platform, the company expanded its digital sales channels with dynamic spot prices that can be booked immediately. Dynamic prices are generated in real time via the company’s new Rapid Rate Response (RRR) mechanism, also enabled through the new integration platform. Lately, Mindtree has helped Lufthansa Cargo scale-up delivery capabilities according to business demand; development capacity on the central integration platform is no longer a critical resource bottleneck for the company’s digital transformation goals. Working in collaboration, TIBCO and Mindtree have empowered Lufthansa Cargo with integration solutions that bridged the company’s wide data gap and fueled transformation so it can soar to the cloud.

By Mindtree. See the full case study here.