Richard Nuttall, CEO SriLankan Airlines – Keynote interview

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Airlines, Events, On-demand

Richard Nuttall, CEO SriLankan Airlines – Keynote interview, “There is absolutely no reason why this airline doesn’t make money going forward.”


In a keynote interview at Aviation Festival Asia, SriLankan Airlines CEO Richard Nuttall joined Brian Sumers on stage. During the 15-minute session titled “Evaluating new business models and driving sustainable growth,” Nuttall began by explaining why SriLankan Airlines defaulted on a US dollar bond in February, providing further context for the situation.

From this starting point, the airline CEO described the various challenges SriLankan Airlines has faced and how it plans to overcome them moving forward. From fleet size to successful markets, jet fuel shortages to carrier models Nuttall explains the airline’s strategy for building towards a bright future.



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