Wizz Air Tops CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Airlines, News, Retailing

Wizz Air Tops CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue

On 27th September the 2022 CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue was released, and Wizz Air was top of the class.

It is widely known that during 2020, ancillary revenues played a key role for airlines whilst planes were grounded and ticket sales paused. This study highlights the continued importance of ancillary revenues to airlines as we return to normal, shedding light on one of the key channels of revenue within the industry.

Defining ancillary revenue as, “revenue beyond the sale of tickets that is generated by direct sales to passengers, or indirectly as a part of the travel experience,” the yearbook looks at a collection of 75 airlines including the world’s “most prolific users of ancillary revenue.”

The study compares the 2021 data to the pre-pandemic 2019 data as the 2020 results are overly affected by the pandemic and therefore are not as useful for producing a comparison.

Results showing the top ten high-performing carriers based on ancillary revenue as a per cent of total revenue were as follows:

  1. Wizz Air 56.0%
  2. Frontier 54.9%
  3. Spirit 54.3%
  4. Allegiant 51.3%
  5. Viva Aerobus 44.8%
  6. Ryanair Group 44.7%
  7. Volaris 42.9%
  8. GOL 33.0%
  9. easyJet 31.4%
  10. Pegasus 30.8%

Wizz Air had multiple ancillary revenue activities including airport check-in options, airport transfers and parking, assigned seating, “sitting together” fee, auto check-in, on board food and beverage, fare lock, fast track security, and on time arrival guarantee to name only a few.

At the Future Travel Experience EMEA event in Dublin, Robert Carey Wizz Air President discussed how the airline became the number one for ancillary revenues. Carey highlighted partnerships between airports and airlines, as one of the most important ways to extend opportunities and “interact with customers in new ways to grow business for all parties.”

The results of CarTrawler’s Yearbook highlighted the importance of ancillary revenue to airlines’ revenue in 2021. This year’s World Aviation Festival will feature an ancillary panel, an interview with Eddie Wilson from Ryanair DAC regarding the “future of market share, competition, digital transformation and ancillaries at Ryanair,” as well as a presentation by CarTrawler CEO Cormac Barry on “maximising ancillary revenue through technology and innovation.” Robert Carey, Wizz Air will also be speaking on “what is the next step in Wizz Air’s ambitious expansion strategy and how can it maintain that growth while still meeting big sustainability targets?”


Article by Jess Brownlow