Reshaping the airport queuing experience. Veovo’s Queue Balancer solution at Keflavik Airport

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Airports, Digital Transformation, Retailing, Travel Tech

Reshaping the airport queuing experience. Veovo’s Queue Balancer solution at Keflavik Airport


Airport queues play a crucial role in shaping the overall travel experience. Long waiting times translate to discontented passengers and lost revenue for airports. During the return to travel, staff shortages exacerbated problems and passengers frequently spent their time stuck in lines rather than exploring retail outlets and dining options available.

As airports seek to reduce queues were are seeing an increase in self check-in, automating processes, and virtual queuing to name a few. Last week, it was announced Keflavik Airport successfully implemented Veovo’s Queue Balancer solution to “optimise passenger flow and improve the transfer experience at its border control.” Veovo worked alongside Icelandic airport operator Isavia to deploy the solution at Iceland’s main gateway.

Gudmundur Gautason, Director of Business Insight & Customer Excellence, Keflavik Airport said:

We are confident that it will enhance our operational efficiency, improve on-time performance and reduce wait times for our transferring passengers, ensuring they reach their connecting flights on time.”

The solution enhances efficiency at the airport, using sensors and real-time data to automatically direct passengers through dynamic signage to the next available lane or counter, simultaneously freeing up staff who would otherwise be required to oversee queue distribution. Throughput at the airport is maximised by calculating the most suitable line for passengers based on factors including wait times, occupancy, and processing speed.

James Williamson, CEO Veovo, said:

“Isavia are a fantastic innovator in using technology to improve experiences through the airports. We are proud to partner with them to bring this capability into operation to create a positive impact on passengers at Keflavik Airport and to be able to extend the use of our AI-powered platform to support Isavia’s goals.”

This technology addresses one of the major problems that come from queues: missed connecting flights. The system prioritises specific passenger categories if their queue time exceeds the service level target; meaning, when the predicted transfer queue time surpasses service levels, more transfer passengers are called forward to the holding zones, accelerating the overall process.

As airports seek to reshape the queuing experience solutions like this will become paramount. The reduction of queue times at airports is imperative for enhancing customer satisfaction, optimising operations, and producing a seamless travel experience.

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