“How Would You Say The Event Helps Drive Innovation in the Industry?”

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Events, News

“How Would You Say The Event Helps Drive Innovation in The Industry?”


As Paul van Alfen said in our discussion, “a lot of lightbulbs will go off.” But how exactly does the World Aviation Festival help to drive forward innovation in the industry?

In a previous post, I detailed these industry experts’ role in our agenda and found out what they are most looking forward to at this year’s WAF. Here, I went into further detail trying to understand what exactly it is about the event that helps to drive innovation in the industry.


Jerry Angrave – “There’s real honesty”

Jerry noted in particular the honesty with which people discuss the direction of the industry. Combining this honesty with “a really good spirit of collaboration,” very senior speakers, and thriving start-ups the event facilitates tangible developments in the industry.


Iztok Franko – “Taking time to think a little bit outside of the box”

Iztok pointed out that in our busy lives, and in these tumultuous times, it is hard to find time to think out of the box. He described the event as carving out some much needed time for people to leave their offices and meet new people, sharing ideas that people will take back to their areas of the industry.


Harald Deprosse – “It’s all there, it’s all there”

Harald specifically highlighted the “amazing” agenda bringing people from all over to a single location. However, he went on to describe the real fruit of the event coming from meeting people in between the sessions and the discussions that grow from there.


Paul van Alfen – “By bringing people together”

Paul described WAF as a meeting place for members across the spectrum of the aviation community. The event facilitates a huge exchange of ideas and “discussing the bigger picture” to produce exciting new possibilities.


The event is the perfect time for a huge variety of members of the aviation community to gather together. Through talks, networking, and candour the common problems the industry faces are explored and creative solutions are reached.

Article by Jess Brownlow