Delta Airlines PARRALLEL REALITY™ Personalised Display Screens

Delta Airlines PARRALLEL REALITY™ Personalised Display Screens

Delta Airlines PARRALLEL REALITY™ Personalised Display Screens


Delta Airlines partnered with Californian start-up Misapplied Sciences with the aim of “personalising the airport experience.” The partnership brought PARRALLEL REALITY™ technology to Detroit Metropolitan Airport and materialised as a large flight information display screen which multiple customers can look to and only see their personalised flight information shining back.


How it works

The screen utilises multi-view pixel technology to project millions of coloured lights to numerous viewing zones. This enables the screen to be entirely tailored to each viewer’s journey. The experience is one that passengers can opt in to using either their boarding pass or facial recognition (if they have enrolled with digital ID).


The screen has been active in the airport since July 2022 and welcomes each passenger by name, presents their flight departure time, gate number, how long it will take to get there, and even which direction to walk. The display continuously adjusts to your location enabling the screen to be effective even as you move. It can also work for up to 100 passengers simultaneously.


“Human-centric” innovation

Vice President of Innovation at Delta, Matt Muta described all innovation at the company as “incredibly human-centric.” Delta positioned the screen as a solution to a common problem faced by customers: scouring an overcrowded and slow information board for a single line of important flight information. Muta explained “we’re looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier […] we saw an opportunity to personalise and simplify what can be a confusing experience.” The application of this technology aims to make the experience of navigating the airport tailored and streamlined.


The future

Currently there are no plans to roll out the technology in Europe, but Delta has assured they would “gladly consider European airports as possible future installation sites if there is a strong customer appetite for it.” The CEO of Misapplied Sciences has said this first application of the technology is “simply the tip of the iceberg […] a glimpse into what the future could look like.”


Article written by Jess Brownlow