Digital Solutions for Aviation Industry to Increase Revenues by Enhancing PAX Experience

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Airlines, Airports, Travel Tech

Passengers Volumes are Recovering. Opportunity or Disaster?

After almost two years of pandemic precautions and concern with the future of airline travel, nowadays seems to be the most resourceful time to adopt innovative concepts to increase revenues, provide operational excellence, and at the same time enhance PAX experience.

In 2022, PAXs air travel demand is significantly increased, as well as the enthusiasm to further adopt digital, mobile, and touchless technologies that will make the journey as convenient and seamless as possible.

Indeed, the sudden increase in PAX traffic creates new opportunities to regain revenues that have been diminished over the last two years. At the same time, the huge demand introduces several operational complexities, which in turn generate additional managing costs, whilst decreasing PAXs experience and service levels.

The forecasting figures for the next years illustrate that this air traffic demand will remain high, which makes it essential for airlines and airports to combine digital technologies that will:

  • Demonstrate operational excellence
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase income per PAX
  • Enhance PAX experience


Innovative and Digital Solutions are the Key Factors

As many research studies show, greater technology adoption correlates with more positive emotions at several travel phases, especially on Booking, at dwell time, and on-board. MPASS Ltd provides and customises to your enterprise needs a wealth of innovative technology solutions that allow you to think out of the box. Providing flexible and scalable platforms of secure cloud-enabled technology, airlines and airports can profit in several business aspects.

We’ve never had to adapt so quickly in such a dramatically changing environment, but we’ve also been enough prepared to tackle the new high-demand reality. For instance, virtual assistants (chatbots) are there to provide immediate, generic or personalized information to PAXs. They provide a win-win case for airlines and airports by giving customers a quick way to seek support through a communication medium they are already invested in, such as instant messaging or social media, while driving down service costs. They operate 24/7, they serve unlimited number of requests per hour, and they can switch to human operation when there is a need to handle special cases.

Additionally, transforming customer feedback captured from surveys offered via multiple digital touchpoints into actionable insights and implementing a voice of the customer program is necessary to achieve operational excellence.

Furthermore, info kiosks that are installed on the main terminals could provide valuable information to PAXs, and they can also present aggregated content from many sources of information. Adding Augmented Reality (AR) features to assist on the navigation process to the departure gate improves PAX experience and also minimises flight delay risks. Finally, instant messaging tools can provide real time info to PAX about flights status, leading PAXs to departure gates on time.

The aforementioned services are included in the MPASS Ltd portfolio offered to airlines and airports to help achieve operational excellence, improve the service levels, minimize operational risks such as departure delays, and also reduce operational managing costs.

On the other hand, PAXs expect added value when they are engaged with airlines and airports. Our detailed solutions help airlines and airports to understand their travellers’ needs and creates personalised rewards and extra benefits, promote any new digital services available, and stimulate PAXs purchasing behaviour. Through our digital Engagement platform, travellers are invited through call-to-action tests, quizzes, tasks and games to complete “missions” and goals. In this way, they will collect points and badges which will be redeemed through the platform for discount services and offers. The new upgraded experience is available via mobile phones, a web application, and also from interactive info kiosks. The MPASS innovative digital Engagement platform uniquely combines physical, digital, and virtual actions for PAXs that ideally are combined to address marketing and commercial goals.

MPASS Ltd is providing innovative services in the broad digital transformation space for airlines and airports since 2009, aiming in customers’ long-lasting engagement and loyalty, therefore in increased revenue and profits for our clients. We have extended commercial experience so to identify market trends and needs and we also have in-depth technical know-how that enables us to in-house develop our solutions based on our own sophisticated and innovative platforms.

Article written by: Chrysa Mineta, Account Manager at MPASS