“That’s the art. It’s understanding the customer and meeting them where they are.” VP of Marketing and Loyalty, United Airlines

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Airlines, Interviews, News, On-demand, Travel Tech

At World Aviation Festival, Luc Bondar, President of MileagePlus and VP of Marketing and Loyalty, United Airlines joined to discuss the airline’s marketing and loyalty strategies.

Touching on United’s well-known campaign with their new Chief Trash Officer, Oscar the Grouch, Luc portrayed marketing as a tool for storytelling and education, particularly in the context of communicating the airline’s sustainability journey. Luc elaborated:

“We have taken on an educational campaign to really help consumers understand the investments that we’re making that we think will change the future of flying, particularly around sustainable aviation fuel. […] And it’s really an education campaign to help consumers everywhere understand that our industry has an opportunity to be transformational in the role that we play in driving more sustainable flying, and we think we have a responsibility to do that.”

The conversation also touched on how the airline overcomes challenges that Gen-Z presents from a loyalty and marketing perspective. As Luc pointed out, the illusive generation has traditionally thought, “loyalty is not for me, I’m all about experience and low price,” prompting the airline to take a fresh approach, tailoring their marketing and loyalty to Gen-Z’s unique behaviours.

To hear United’s President of MileagePlus and VP of Marketing and Loyalty discuss communicating an evolving sustainability strategy, appealing to Gen-Z travellers, and using tech to deliver a personalised experience, watch the interview below.



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