Eddie Wilson, CEO Ryanair DAC – Keynote interview

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Airlines, On-demand

Eddie Wilson, CEO Ryanair DAC – Keynote interview

At World Aviation Festival, Eddie Wilson joined John Strickland for an interview exploring the ‘Future of market share, competition, digital transformation, and ancillaries at Ryanair.’

The short, 15-minute discussion explored the variety of topics in the title. It also packed in additional dialogue around Ryanair’s pandemic strategy, aircrafts, and cost certainty.

Although the world is emerging from the pandemic many airlines and airports are still suffering from the aftermath. Staffing shortages play no small part in this. It is therefore valuable to reflect on the strategies of the industry players who hit the ground running when restrictions lifted. Ryanair has excelled post-COVID and is operating at 115 per-cent of pre-COVID levels.

The overarching message from Eddie’s interview was “it is always operations first” and “people will tell you it’s more complicated than it is. But it’s not.”

Watch the full interview below to learn valuable lessons from the Ryanair DAC, CEO on staying competitive, a strong COVID recovery, and cost certainty.