British Airways partner with CHOOOSE to help passengers offset their emissions

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Airlines, Travel Tech

British Airways partner with CHOOOSE to help passengers offset their emissions


On 26 October, British Airways announced their partnership with Norway-based start-up CHOOOSE. Together, the pair is creating a platform through which passengers can easily calculate and offset their carbon emissions for a flight. This can be done before, after, or even mid-flight through British Airway’s free Wi-Fi portal.

With passengers’ increasing concerns around the environmental impacts of their flying habits, having a simple option to offset their emissions helps to position British Airways as a more environmentally conscious airline.

Explaining the solution, Carrie Harris, Director of Sustainability British Airways said:

“We know that many of our customers want to fly with sustainability in mind […] This new CO2llaborate platform further empowers our customers to make sustainable choices when flying with us. We look forward to working with CHOOOSE to evolve the platform as we continue to rive the decarbonisation of our industry.”


How it works

CO2llaborate is a more advanced iteration of the airline’s previous carbon offsetting tool. The tool enables passengers to precisely calculate the emissions from their flight and provides a convenient option to offset this. Using the calculator, the flight’s carbon emissions are calculated in kg of CO2e and the cost of offsetting 100 per-cent of the emissions is given.

Additionally, the option is given of how the passenger wants to offset this. There is a slider that runs from SAF to verified carbon offsets. This allows passengers to decide the way in which they would prefer to offset the emissions as well as what percentage of their emissions they would like to offset.

The upgraded climate software solution can be used either at an individual or corporate level. Breaking away from their previous offsetting solution, British Airways’ corporate customers will now be offered a dedicated climate programme for the company to review and reduce the emissions from their business flights.

Corporate customers will have a dashboard exhibiting their monthly emissions and will have access to a range of climate solutions including the purchase of SAF to contributing to certified carbon offset projects. The corporate portal will allow companies to track and report on their climate impact over time and learn about the solutions they are supporting.

The platform will make learning about the precise environmental impact of their flights easy for passengers and offers a convenient, price sensitive option to offset this. This has great potential for increasing awareness and facilitating carbon-conscious flyers’ mediation of their environmental impact.


Article by Jess Brownlow