FLYR Labs Announces Avianca as the Adopter of Their Revenue Operation System Capabilities 

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Travel Tech

FLYR Labs Announces Avianca as the Adopter of Their Revenue Operation System Capabilities


Faredirect. xCheck. Bonanza. Newshore. Pribas. Pace Revenue. Over the last year, FLYR Labs have been rapidly acquiring travel tech businesses and now it is clear why.

The company has been building a fully comprehensive Revenue Operation System designed to uplift revenue and increase forecast accuracy which has been selected by Avianca.

On 29th September, FLYR Labs announced their commercial agreement with Avianca as the adopter of their Revenue Operation System capabilities. The system is set to “modernize commercial decision-making under a unified set of data intelligence, revenue management, and e-commerce capabilities to optimize business results.”

According CEO of FLYR Labs, Alex Mans, FLYR’s Revenue Operating System will “help transform Avianca into one of the most digitally developed carriers in the world […] the infrastructure and solutions will quickly modernize decision-making and optimize commercial-wide performance, all while enhancing the customer experience at Avianca.”

Integrating all these different travel technologies into one uniform system will enable FLYR Labs to offer a comprehensive service enhancing decision-making, merchandising, and distribution.


The acquired companies

Faredirect & xCheck– September 2021. These two tech companies brought advanced ancillary revenue and airfare marketing software.

Bonanza – November 2021. Bonanza provided expertise in offer management and distribution expertise, accounting for willingness-to-pay, capacity constraints, and available products to ultimately tailor offers more effectively.

Newshore – July 2022. Newshore, an e-commerce specialist, offered proficiency in enhancing customer experience and online direct sales.

Pribas – September 2022. Pribas, an end-to end offer, order, and inventory management and retailing solution company contributes enhanced airline retail and fare-selling.

Pace Revenue – September 2022. Pace’s technology optimises the decision making of hospitality customers and extends FLYR Labs’ Revenue Operating System into the wider hospitality industry.

Enhanced with additional expertise and technology from their string of acquisitions, FLYR’s Revenue Operating System will provide a comprehensive, modernised decision-making service utilising AI and data management to enhance commercial performance. The newly formed partnership with Avianca, one of Latin America’s largest airlines will provide a great opportunity to see the impact of FLYR Labs’ Revenue Operating System optimisation at a large scale.

FLYR Labs CEO Alex Mans will be speaking at the World Aviation Festival on “accelerating end-to-end technology optimization and innovation at 12:40pm 5th October.


Article by Jess Brownlow