Revolutionising travel planning: Skyscanner’s generative AI tool

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, News, Retailing, Travel Tech

Last week, global travel marketplace Skyscanner launched a new discovery and inspiration tool powered by ChatGPT. “Dream and discover with AI,” is the product of Skyscanner’s collaboration with OpenAI and the feature leverages the company’s headline-making technology to get people searching for travel destinations and flights in a new and innovative way.

When using the function, travellers can type in open-ended statements and questions like, “Best cities for cultural tours,” “Short flights next weekend,” “What are some hidden gems in Europe?” or “Foodie city breaks.”

The technology then generates recommendations followed by three destination suggestions with flight links for each.

Piero Sierra, Chief Product Officer at Skyscanner, said:

“Generative AI is such an exciting technology that we as a travel industry are only just beginning to apply. 56% of travellers are coming to Skyscanner for inspiration, so with this beta launch, we are looking to understand how it might help travellers in the discovery phases of the travel planning journey, and importantly how they engage with the technology versus existing tools. This is one of many experiments we are running to see how generative AI can be incorporated into the core Skyscanner proposition—helping travellers plan and book their trip with ease and confidence—in the future.”

With much talk around what generative AI will mean in practical terms for the industry, Skyscanner’s  latest tool shows how the technology is positioned to revolutionise the way passengers plan their trips. The seamless integration with flight search presents airlines with a potential competitive advantage and increased visibility, something airlines may need to capitalise on moving forward.

Initially, the “Dream and discover with AI” feature will only be launched in beta in Australia, India, and Singapore, using this to test traveller behaviour, levels of engagement, and conversion data for the future development of the product.


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