Six start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Data and artificial intelligence (AI)

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Travel Tech

Six start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Data and artificial intelligence (AI)


Aviation Festival Asia gathers together industry giants, start-ups, and everyone in between to drive innovation in the aviation industry. The event is an opportunity for start-ups to get noticed and for influential industry players to forge business partnerships in the Asia Region.

Data and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the most influential driving factors spurring innovation and advancement in the aviation industry. Both data and AI have begun to transform the landscape of the industry working separately and synergistically to progress multiple facets of aviation. Here are six start-ups working with data and/or AI to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia.



Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Digitalization is key to the future success of any industry. Our goal at AEROSENS is to develop technology solutions making the aviation industry more transparent, smarter, and cost efficient. Today, we provide solutions that transform the way information about parts, products, equipment and even people is gathered and analyzed.



Airevo has been set up to transform airlines Commercial, Sales and Distribution environments through intelligent use of AI.
We are building a range of modular AI-driven solutions that will directly impact on profitability. The first is focused on reducing distribution costs, addressing unproductive bookings and increasing seat availability. The second solution will dynamically create personalized offers based on customer personas. This can be integrated into modern Direct and Indirect selling systems to increase upsell.



ALEIOS help startups disrupt and large organisations to remain competitive using the best of Cloud-Native, Serverless. Building highly scalable systems we connect people, liberate data and create innovation through technology.



BookingData enables hotels to make closed offers to airline travellers (currently confirmed: Lufthansa group, Eurowings and SunExpress). Hotels are receiving all the bookings made by the airlines and can select the profiles it wants to make offers to. Offers are then carried by the airline to the travellers.


NABLA Mobility

NABLA Mobility is a startup company that designs, develops, and provides software to optimize airline flight operations. We improve operational resilience and decarbonization by introducing the latest technologies such as AI/ML to support better operational decision-making for aviation.
“Weave” is our software product that supports pilots to make optimal in-flight decision making, based on our own developed unique set of AI/ML technologies, “Untangle”



RecoSense offers an AI-powered platform for document analysis and data centralization. Our primary expertise and focus are on transforming raw unstructured data into structured data with meta context definition. The platform powers Process Automations and Compliance Management with MROs in the Aviation Industry. We work as an Engineering partner with our customers to build enterprise-specific solutions.
Aerobot is an enabler system as a digital assistant for the functional and business teams for process efficiency and automation rather than replacement of human resources.


These six start ups will be at Aviation Festival Asia next month. Data and AI will be discussed across the majority of the tracks at the event with a range of top industry leaders discussing their experience, lessons, and plans for the future. Get your ticket here.

Watch ‘Data analytics in aviation. An interview with Dirk Jungnickel, SVP Enterprise Data & Analytics at Emirates Group’ here.


Article by Jess Brownlow