Belfast Airport trial service robots

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Airports, Travel Tech

Belfast Airport trial service robots


Belfast Airport are the latest to add robots to their customer service repertoire. The airport announced they will be trialling robot service technology to enhance colleague and customer experience.

Although the use of robots in airports is becoming increasingly common, see article on Kasai Airports, this is the first trial of its kind in partnership with contract foodservice company SSP UK.


What can passengers expect to see?

The trial will begin with six service robots this month at the Sip & Stone Restaurant and Bar. The service robots will help servers with their day-to-day tasks. There will be two types of robots: the ‘BellaBot’ and the ‘HolaBot’

The ‘BellaBot’ – The ‘BellaBot’ will bring food and drinks from the kitchen. This robot is equipped with a voice and screen system and can interact with customers.

The ‘HolaBot’ – Is designed to be called remotely by colleagues to clear any section of the restaurant.

The trial is designed to enhance overall customer experience by freeing up front of house employees. This will enable employees to deliver an enhanced service to customers. With current staffing level problems across the entire industry, technology has an important role to play in bridging the gaps. Technology, such as robots, can alleviate some of the workload thereby helping the staffing level issues.

SSP UK & Ireland CEO, Richard Lewis said:

“The nature of our business means we serve a lot of customers, and we need to serve them quickly. These robots will enable our colleagues to spend more time front of house with our customers, ultimately improving their experience at our restaurants. We also want our customers to enjoy a unique, original experience.”

In addition to easing the workload, it will add some excitement into airport retail for the customers. Brian Carlin, Director of Commercial Development at Belfast International Airport explained:

“This trial will allow customers to experience the latest technology that hospitality has to offer. The robots will deliver a faster service as well an enhanced cleaning, which will work hand in hand to improve the overall dining experience.”

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Article by Jess Brownlow