The AI-powered operations optimising technology at DOH and DIA 

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Airports, Travel Tech

The AI-powered operations optimising technology at DOH and DIA


Working in partnership with Aeroficial Intelligence, MATAR, the Qatar Company for Airports Operation and Management is enhancing airport operations with a new AI-powered tool providing operational intelligence.

MATAR Senior Vice President Operations, Mr. Ioannis Metsovitis predicts this technology will:

“enhance automation, predictability, awareness, and performance.”

Aerofficial Intelligence specialises in empowering airport and air traffic management, and their partnership with MATAR has been described by Metsovitis as a “testament to MATAR’s commitment to investing in technological advancements to maintain its operational excellence.”

Aerofficial Intelligence’s technology is used across all airport operations at Hamad International Airport (DOH) and Doha International Airport (DIA). The software monitors the operations of both airports in real-time, looking at ground movements, runway activity, the taxiway, air traffic situations, and more. Using in-depth analysis and reporting, daily operations will be optimised, “sav[ing] emissions, increas[ing] efficiency and generating[ing] new and better insights.”

DOH is set to increase capacity to over 70 million per year with their expansion project that began at the start of this year. As the airport grows, the optimisation of operations will be crucial to ensure smooth and efficient processes at the DOH.