“At the heart of it, you have to remember that you’re dealing with a human being.” Building a resilient future with Sir Tim Clark

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Interviews, On-demand, Travel Tech

At the World Aviation Festival, Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates, joined for a ten-minute interview. During the conversation, the industry visionary shared his insights on everything from sustainability and the future of air travel to anticipating passenger expectations.

Drawing on over fifty years of experience, Sir Tim highlighted the building blocks of a resilient future emphasising “laser focus” paired with unwavering dedication. Sharing advice for new entrants into the industry, the Emirates President cautioned that nuanced consideration of position and competition is necessary, underscoring that the industry “is not for the faint hearted.”

Discussing the defining characteristics of the future of air travel, conversation touched on technological advancements, the role of data, and accelerating progress with AI. This ultimately portrayed a vision of a, “prosperous, fuel efficient, sustainable entity” as the industry drives forwards.

Throughout the interview, discussion of innovation in tech was balanced against the human element in the airline industry. From appreciating the complexity of people and the repercussions for sustainability, to maintaining a people-centric mindset across the airline, Sir Tim reaffirmed that the industry is about meeting the needs of human passengers and innovation must align with this fundamental principle.

To hear Sir Tim’s thoughts on all of the above and more watch the full interview.



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