Etihad uses AI to make booking flights “as easy as asking a question” in Botim app 

by | May 4, 2023 | Airlines, Retailing, Travel Tech

Etihad uses AI to make booking flights “as easy as asking a question” in Botim app


Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi’s state carrier is using artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for customers to book flights. 

This week, Etihad Airways signed an agreement with tech firm Astra Tech enabling customers to book flights within the airline chat app Botim using AI.

Prioritising the convenience of the customer, it will now be possible to book flights “just by typing in the basic details of the service they require, with the technology then completing the booking itself.”

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Astra Tech’s founder and Botim’s CEO, said:

“This partnership will allow us to offer a never-seen-before feature to Botim users. We are revolutionising the way people will book flights by making it as easy as asking a question. This represents our ability to connect people, not only virtually but physically, all around the world using the latest technology in artificial intelligence.”

Importantly, Astra Tech has announced its GPT is the first that works in the Arabic language. It will also be available in English.

The integration of AI into chatbots has been one of the primary use cases for the implementation of technology to enhance the customer experience. Extending this to the booking process provides an interesting next step in the journey.


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Article by Jess Brownlow