Five start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Simplifying and improving the travel experience

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Travel Tech

Five start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Simplifying and improving the travel experience


Aviation Festival Asia gathers together industry giants, start-ups, and everyone in between to drive innovation in the aviation industry. The event is an opportunity for start-ups to get noticed and for influential industry players to forge business partnerships in the Asia Region.

A passenger’s travel experience is informed by many different stages of their journey. Consequently, as the aviation industry works to refine the overall journey, improvements can be made in a variety of ways. From enhancing retail opportunities to facilitating off-airport bag check these five start-ups simplify and improve the travel experience for passengers.


1. bagchain

bagchain is a travel communication platform and leading mobile baggage check-in provider. Check-in baggage remotely, anywhere, any place, anytime using bagchain’s’ eco-system bagchain cloud. With direct secure Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connections to the airlines systems.
For the remote baggage check-in bagchain offers various mobile modular kiosks. They can be optional equipped with a platform scale, combined boarding pass/passport scanner & biometrics. All the kiosk functionality is now also available in a handy bagchain iOS App. Together with a mobile handheld printer they can be used anywhere you want to check-in passengers’ baggage. Start using a bagchain kiosk or App just requires an internet connection.


2. E23

Passengers enjoy shopping at the airport but stringent security checks and long distances between gates and shops often make it challenging. In addition, passengers lack the means to compare prices between retailers making it hard to exploit all shopping opportunities. Our mission is to provide a simplified solution for our clients by creating a new mall experience at international Airports with time-efficient convenience. Through our innovative order-and-delivery system passengers can now shop as soon as they receive their flight booking confirmation or their online boarding pass, enjoying stress-free on-premise and last minute in-flight shopping with delivery up to arrival gates.


3. Inovat

Inovat is a digital VAT refund solution that allows travellers to save more than 20% in tax refunds on shopping without the need to complete any paperwork or stand in the airport queues. Inovat partners with banks by integrating tax refund functionality via an API to allow bank customers to save on shopping during their travels. The Tax Free industry has never been challenged – a paper process with high fees, stress and long queues for travellers. Inovat is the only digital product that solves the full cycle of travellers’ pain. With Inovat tourists get more money and save more time.


4. SimpleVisa

Are your customers confused about the documents they need to travel ? SimpleVisa informs, processes, and stores visas for them. In doing so we create a unique customer service and revenue opportunity for travel vendors. Implementation is seamless. Conversion and revenues fly high. And we deliver a smooth and secure user experience.


5. Travelsist

Founded in 2018, Travelsist is an Atlanta-based TravelTech startup modernizing passenger services for airports and airlines. “Reimagining passenger services, turning non-fliers into fliers and making air travel truly seamless are all key parts of our mission. In 2023, we’ll work with airport and airline leaders around the world to redefine passenger services and help them save money in the process. Our commitment to innovation, as well as to our people, will help Travelsist become the most effective, efficient passenger services workflow the airport has ever seen,” states CEO & Founder, Veronica Woodruff.


These five start ups will be at Aviation Festival Asia next month. To see how these and many other start-ups can enhance passenger experience, get your ticket here.


Article by Jess Brownlow