“Gender diversity brings more productivity and creativity.” Güliz Öztürk explores DEI, sustainability, and 2024 strategic priorities

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Interviews, On-demand, Travel Tech

Güliz Öztürk joined for a ten-minute interview exploring Pegasus Airlines’ commitment to DEI, sustainability, and technology driven innovation.

Discussing the airline’s DEI initiative ‘Harmony,’ Güliz conveyed personal dedication to converting aspirations into tangible change. ‘Harmony‘ takes a range of DEI initiatives under one umbrella, working towards “a more equal and pluralistic future […] with a focus on gender equality.” The airline CEO emphasised, when it comes to gender “we are always talking about balance” and placed a concerted emphasis on involving male employees in DEI efforts. When highlighting the many benefits of the programme, Güliz pointed out that “gender diversity brings more productivity and creativity into our business life and our personal lives.”

Tackling one of the prominent themes in this year’s conference – sustainability – the Pegasus CEO spoke articulately on the topic of SAF. Güliz went on to stress the need for collaboration across the ecosystem when it comes to production, underscoring the airline’s commitment to IATA’s 2050 target. Noting that the introduction of new technology into fleets will take time, Güliz asserted that stakeholders must “work hand in hand,” prioritising the production of SAF.

Looking ahead to 2024, Pegasus’ core strategic priority was defined as levelling up the technology investment within the company. Cautioning that “technology for the sake of technology doesn’t work” in an already costly business, Güliz highlighted the importance of use cases and a discerning approach to technology. Already using AI and ML, the opportunities that generative AI presents for the airline were also explored, conveying a sense of optimism for the future of innovation within the industry.

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