Interview with Mike Szucs, CEO of Cebu Pacific Air – Digitalisation and growth

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, News, On-demand

Interview with Mike Szucs, CEO of Cebu Pacific Air – Digitalisation and growth


At Aviation Festival Asia Mike Szucs, CEO of Cebu Pacific Air joined for an interview, during which we followed up on our conversation from the end of 2022 and explored some new themes. On a margin basis, Cebu Pacific went into the pandemic as one of the consistently most profitable airlines in the world. Although it has recovered comparatively slower than other airlines, it returned to profitability last year and is now looking to a strong 2023 and 2024.

The discussion began with an exploration of digitalisation, looking at its growth through the pandemic, and the ways it complements LCCs in particular. Here, Szucs pointed to how it helps deliver lower cost, gives the customer agency, and more before exploring ways it lends itself to recent changes in the workforce.

The interview also touched on the return of China, international markets more broadly speaking, and Cebu Pacific’s capacity in line with the recovery of the market. During the course of the conversation, the airline CEO also described shifts in passenger behaviours and plans for next year.

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Questions asked:

    1. Can you outline the importance of digitisation for your airline as well as your passengers?
    2. How has your international network evolved in recent years and what does the re-opening of China mean for this?
    3. What passenger behaviours are you seeing emerge as capacity increases?
    4. As the APAC region fully reopens, what is your plan for the next year?


Article by Jess Brownlow