Interview with Pierre Thach Hoang, CCO Bamboo Airways – A growing perspective

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, On-demand, Travel Tech

Interview with Pierre Thach Hoang, CCO Bamboo Airways – A growing perspective


Pierre Thach Hoang, CCO Bamboo Airways discussed a range of topics in this short interview. Touching on everything from talent acquisition to sustainability, international routes to investment in technology, it is inspiring to get a perspective from a younger, ambitious, rapidly growing airline. The discussion surrounding digitisation is particularly interesting because, as a younger airline, Bamboo Airways has been able to integrate digitisation right form the start.

Only launching operations in January 2019, Bamboo Airways currently has 30 planes in its fleet and operates nearly 200 passenger flights per day. The airline is aiming to triple their number of planes to 100 by 2028.

One of the exciting areas Pierre explained was the ecosystem that Bamboo Airways have built to enable them to use dynamic marketing “to offer the right service at the right time” through digital channels. This ecosystem is built with the entire customer journey in mind. As such, Bamboo Airways will offer their passengers discounted taxi services before their flight. Additionally, it can be used to optimise the airport facilities once the passenger is within the building. One example given was if a restaurant is not full, Bamboo Airways can send out discounts to passengers to encourage them to eat there while they are already at the airport.

Watch the full interview below for more details on Bamboo Airways’ dynamic marketing and the below questions:

    • How would you describe the current landscape for growing carriers like yourself?
    • What role does digitisation play in your business?
    • What actions are you taking to prepare for your global expansion?
    • What role is technology playing in your growth plans?
    • What challenges are you encountering with your expansion plans?
    • Are you taking steps to develop your retail offering?
    • How have you been improving passenger experience?
    • What are you plans for the future with regards to Ancillary revenue?
    • How are you accommodating for sustainability as a growing as an airline?
    • Does technology play a significant role in your sustainability plans?
    • Why are you attending Aviation Fest Asia?



Article by Jess Brownlow