Robert Carey, President Wizz Air – Keynote Interview

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Airlines, News, On-demand

Robert Carey, President Wizz Air – Keynote Interview


At last month’s World Aviation Festival Wizz Air President, Robert Carey was interviewed by John Strickland asking, ‘What is the next step in Wizz Air’s ambitious expansion strategy and how can it maintain that growth while still meeting big sustainability targets?’

The interview fell into two halves. The first looked at what Robert described as “the greatest hits of the airline industry.” Identifying the three huge, consecutive hits the industry has suffered in recent years: the global pandemic, war in Ukraine, current ‘challenging economic times’, Robert explored how these presented challenges for the airline.

The second half explored the pace and means of growth for Wizz Air. Exploring how the airline has diversified into new markets, the Wizz Air President insisted “we haven’t changed as much as the headlines make it look.” Identifying opportunities and using these to grow stronger, the airline is looking towards Saudi Arabia, looking East, and more to go from strength to strength.



In the interview, John refers to an interview with Eddie Wilson, Ryanair DAC CEO. To watch this see here.