Julie Shainock, Microsoft: Using generative AI to “do more with less”

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Interviews, On-demand, Travel Tech

At the World Aviation Festival, Julie Shainock, Global Leader Travel and Transportation at Microsoft joined for a brief conversation delving into technology and collaboration.

In an interview at the previous year’s event, Julie had cautioned that “the industry is not taking advantage of tech as much as it can,” sparking an initial discussion around how and why we have since seen this change.

A second key topic discussed at length was generative AI and its extensive applications spanning from pre-travel to operational efficiency, and personalisation to IROPS. As Julie explained, one of the fundamental advantages of harnessing generative AI is “the ability to do more with less,” paving the way for countless opportunities moving forward.

Looking to the future, Julie described data as “the fundamental piece that has to be at the base of everything we’re building.” This includes, but is not limited to sustainability, where the industry must concentrate efforts moving forwards. Highlighting Microsoft’s role in harnessing data to help mediate environmental damage, Julie also touched on the benefits of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability which captures the value of data in driving sustainable outcomes.

Watch the full interview covering technology, sustainability, collaboration, and the power of data-driven decision making now.



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