Leveraging AI to revolutionise the business travel booking experience

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Retailing, Travel Tech

With speculation around AI dominating discussions around the industry’s future in the past year, we have now seen various applications of the technology come to life in aviation. Lufthansa Innovation Hub have become the latest to contribute, making a move to “democratise the personal assistance experience,” by launching Swifty, the “first autonomous AI assistant in the business travel industry.”

Based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model the assistant streamlines the process of business travel booking, autonomously managing the planning, booking, payment, and invoicing stages.


Image credit: Swifty.so

Image credit: Swifty.so


Aiming to transform the booking experience into an easy process, Swifty are encouraging users to speak to the AI assistant in a casual way, as pictured above. Leaving the actionable requests in the hands of the autonomous assistant.

Stanislav Bondarenko, Senior Venture Development Manager at Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Founder of Swifty said:

“We have tailored the generative AI technology to address the unmet needs of speed and efficiency for millions of business travelers. Swifty is democratizing the personal assistance experience by making it available for every business traveller, as opposed to only corporate top managers.”

Going one step further, Swifty will also answer questions about your planned trip, making it simple and efficient to execute your entire journey.

Alongside Expedia Group as its exclusive lodging partner for hotel supply, Swifty has another travel partner providing access to flight options from 90 per cent of US and European airlines. Is harnessing AI to revolutionise the booking experience for the business travel segment just the beginning for the transformations we can anticipate in this field?


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