Uber advances super-app ambitions, partnering with Hopper to add flights to its “one-stop travel solution”

by | May 10, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Payments, Retailing, Travel Tech

Uber advances super-app ambitions, partnering with Hopper to add flights to its “one-stop travel solution”


Today, Uber has announced UK users will be able to book domestic and international flights directly in the Uber app.

Growing their reputation as a “one-stop travel solution” Uber is using the UK as a test ground, adding flights to the existing transport options of Uber Rides, Uber Boat, train journeys across the National Rail network, Eurostar and coach travel.

Andrew Brem, General Manager at Uber UK said:

“Perfect for business travellers and tourists alike, our new functionality will make the booking and managing of air travel simple and stress-free, with the booking process taking as little as one minute in the Uber app […] Through our B2B initiative, Hopper Cloud, we can seamlessly integrate both our travel inventory and fintech products into the Uber ecosystem.”

Booking flights through the app will be simple, with users only needing to enter in travel details like where they will be travelling to and from on which dates. According to the press release, customers will then be able to select their departing flight and returning flight if a round trip. With major carriers, users will be able to select seats in the app and then pay, just as they would for any Uber service.

Partnering with Hopper to making this possible, a selection of fintech products are expected to be available when purchasing a flight. These include freezing of airfares, cancelling flights for any reason, as well as rebook or refunds in the event of flight disruption, all available for a fee.

With approximately 15 per cent of Uber’s gross bookings involving airport trips and 40 per cent of journeys in the UK starting or ending near transit hubs, the incorporation of flights with enable Uber to become a “true door-to-door experience for air travellers, with all legs of the journey being manageable in Uber’s smart travel itinerary product.”


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Article by Jess Brownlow