Passport verification: An airport bottleneck or a digital, offsite self-service?

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Digital Transformation

“We’re investing in technology that takes processes traditionally only available at an airport and makes them possible from your smartphone. This new Mobile Verify technology creates a seamless airport experience for guests traveling internationally — eliminating the uncertainty that comes with having to wait in airport lines.”

Here, Charu Jain, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Merchandising at Alaska Airlines highlights the technology that is bringing the airline closer to its goal of getting passengers through the lobby in five minutes or less.

Yesterday, Alaska Airlines showed it will be using biometric identities to elevate the airport experience, reimagining passport verification as a digital, offsite self-service instead of an airport bottleneck. As a result of the airline’s new partnership with Airside, international travellers with a US or Canadian passport will now be able to securely verify their passport at home for free, skipping the airport check-in desk.

Passengers will be able to do this days or even weeks before their flight through the Airside app. Notably, the app can verify and store passengers’ passports, temporarily sharing it with the airline for that specific flight. The result is passengers only need enrol once, further contributing to its efficiency.

Self-service tools are central in enhancing convenience, elevating the airport experience, and delivering a more personalised service for passengers. This is the latest show in Alaska Airlines’ innovative approach to leveraging the power of mobile tech.


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