Empowering successful payments with Vueling Airlines

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Airlines, News, On-demand, Payments, Travel Tech

Charlotte Dumesnil, Director of Sales, Distribution and Alliances at Vueling Airlines will be speaking at World Aviation Festival on empowering customers and improving their experience through a large and efficient portfolio of payment methods.

In advance of the event, Dumesnil joined for a brief interview offering her insights into the evolving landscape of airline payments. The conversation looked at causes of unsuccessful payments and the challenges arising from aligning distribution with payments. Additionally, the impact of enhancing customer experience on converting payments was explored and Dumesnil shared her predictions for fintech trends in the coming year.

Speaking with twenty years of experience in the airline industry, Dumesnil opened the discussion with an overview of common reasons behind unsuccessful payments, highlighting the intricacies of creating a successful payment strategy. Here, two main causes of errors were explored and Vueling’s Director of Sales, Distribution and Alliances explained how the airline mitigates these to successfully surpass the industry average for bank conversion rates.

The conversation also at enhancing customer experience to help limit unsuccessful transactions. At Vueling, Dumesnil explains, a key focus for the airline is offering a large portfolio of payment methods and in particular, alternative payment forms like Apple Pay and Google Pay are set to play an important part in limiting friction for customers.

Casting her eyes to the future, Dumesnil also predicted which fintech trends will grow in prominence in the coming twelve months. Touching on account-to-account payment, “Buy Now, Pay Later” solutions, responding to NDC, and crypto payments, the interview explored several exciting developments set to enhance the payments landscape for airlines and customers alike.

To learn more from Vueling’s Director of Sales, Distribution and Alliances about empowering customers and creating a seamless payment experience, get your ticket for the World Aviation Festival.