United’s next steps for improving accessibility

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Airlines, News, Travel Tech

United Airlines has announced its next steps in making the travel experience more accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Early next year, the airline are launching a new digital filter on their website enabling passengers to determine which aircraft can accommodate different sized chairs and refunding the fare difference. One catalyst for the change was an investigation surrounding the mishandling of a wheelchair on a United flight.


Image credit: United Airlines


Explaining the new feature, the United website detailed:

The new flight filter will enable customers to enter the dimensions of their personal wheelchair as part of the flight search. The search results will prioritize flight options on aircraft with cargo hold doors large enough to accommodate the wheelchair dimensions. The size of aircraft cargo hold doors varies, so some aircraft are better able than others to handle larger motorized wheelchairs, which must travel upright.

Additionally, United are beginning a six-month pilot program at George Bush intercontinental Airport in Houston to establish better procedure in the event a wheelchair is damaged or delayed in transit. The airline also recently became the first US airline to add Braille to aircraft interiors, redesigned their mobile app for ease of use for passengers with visual disabilities, and integrated new mobile tech for ramp agents.


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