Why should airlines care about offers and orders?

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Airlines, News

In part one of our blog series, we examined how transitioning to an offer and order model would greatly enhance the traveler experience by addressing key pain points. In this piece, we turn our attention to airlines, exploring how technological advancements could help unlock significant revenue opportunities – estimated at $40bn by 2030 across the airline industry according to a 2019 study by McKinsey & Company.

Here, we demonstrate how Sabre and IATA’s shared vision for offers and orders will free airlines from the constraints imposed by today’s standards and systems. Instead, airlines will be able to sell and service a wide range of new and personalized NDC-enabled offers to drive incremental revenue while adding value for their customers. When combined with the cost savings and service level enhancements that can be realized through more efficient management of orders, the business case for change becomes unquestionable.


What are offers and orders?

Offers include the different pieces of an itinerary that come together to form a trip. Today, offers primarily consist of airfares and air ancillaries. Over time, offers will expand to include other types of content – for example, lodging, ground transportation and other ancillaries.

Once a traveler selects an offer, it becomes an order. The order model sets the stage to simplify a variety of long-standing processes related to fulfillment, settlement and reporting, which can help airlines reduce costs and save time.


Today, airlines…

  • Have limited visibility into individual traveler preferences
  • Face difficulty selling and servicing a broad range of personalized offers
  • Struggle to manage complex partnership agreements due to inadequate system capabilities

Enabling airlines to better meet the needs of travelers will enhance differentiation in a crowded marketplace, promote loyalty and ultimately deliver profitable, sustainable revenue growth.

airline offers and orders graphic 1


In the future, airlines can…

  • Create, fulfill and service more personalized and higher margin content
  • Use real-time data flows from offers and orders to grow revenue and reduce costs
  • Embark on new partnerships for air and non-air products, improving choice for customers

airline offers and orders graphic 2

The offer and order model opens new growth opportunities and gives the travel industry more flexibility in terms of what can be sold, merchandised and managed.

By Sabre. To learn more about how Sabre is helping to open the door to a future that means more flexible, modern retailing visit sabre.com/open.