“You need to change the mindset as well, it’s not just about changing the technology.” Branchspace on innovating digital airline retailing

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Retailing, Travel Tech

At World Aviation Festival, Michael Huynh, Founder, Branchspace, and Ursula Silling, CEO, Branchspace joined for a discussion around innovation in digital airline retailing.

Firstly, conversation covered how Gresham House Ventures’ £5m investment into Branchspace will be used to meet the evolving needs of airline customers in a post-pandemic world. Here, Michael touched on accelerating digital offerings, responding to changing passenger behaviours, and elevating dynamic retailing capabilities, looking at how the investment can “help airlines to be the best retailers they can be.” Building on this, Michael also highlighted how data and insights can be leveraged in the future using machine learning (ML) to optimise outcomes for airlines.

Looking at the industry’s transition more broadly, Ursula explored how digital transformation can make a tangible differences to passengers as well as  the challenges that come with this shift. Here, Branchspace’s CEO explained:

“It’s not just about changing the technology. You need to get this mindset of what is retailing? What is customer focus really? And even the mindset to experiment to have the courage to say this one maybe didn’t work but the next will make a big difference.” 

To hear the CEO and Founder of Branchspace speak on all this and more, watch the full interview below.



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