Changi digitise bag operations with iChangi baggage tracker

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Travel Tech

Changi digitise bag operations with iChangi baggage tracker


Earlier this week, Changi Airport launched a new personalised baggage tracker service through the iChangi app. This is the first of its kind for an airport in Southeast Asia.

The personalised tracking system is the latest development in the airport’s baggage transformation journey which began in late 2021. Seeking to improve the passenger experience, Changi worked with multiple airport partners to use technology to improve the tracking and handling of baggage.

Passengers simply scan their baggage tag through the iChangi App to gain visibility into their bag’s journey through the airport system. Passengers will also receive timely updates if the arrival of their baggage is delayed.

For departing Changi passengers they will be informed when their bags have been checked into the baggage handling system, and when it has been loaded into containers bound for the aircraft.

For those arriving at Changi, they will be able to see when their bag has been checked in at the overseas airports and will be informed of the expected delivery time at the baggage carousels.

For transiting passengers, they will be able to see when their bag has arrived at Changi, and then when it has been loaded onto their next flight.

The bag tracker was officially introduced to the iChangi App this month and has already been tested in the beta trial. As it is still in the practice stage the function is only available to passengers on participating airlines arriving, departing, or transferring at Changi Airport.

The digitisation of the baggage process gives customers more transparency on their journey, allowing them to plan. It simultaneously applies subtle pressure on airlines to ensure their operations run on time.



Article by Jess Brownlow