Tech, collaboration, and evolution with the Director General at ACI World

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Airports, On-demand, Travel Tech

Tech, collaboration, and evolution with the Director General at ACI World


In September, Luis Felipe De Oliveira will be speaking at the World Aviation Festival on pursuing meaningful innovation in airports that will remain relevant decades into the future.

The Director General at ACI World has over 25 years experience in the industry. Having held a variety of roles during this period, Felipe has a deep appreciation for the aviation ecosystem which is conveyed consistently in the interview through an emphasis on collaboration. During the 15-minute conversation, Felipe assesses the post-pandemic landscape, explores cooperation in the pursuit of environmental goals, and outlines key tech trends impacting airports in the next 5-10 years.

Opening with a broad view of the industry post-covid, the Director General expressed optimism about its recovery recalling “a very positive mood in this sector.” Conveying the tone from the recent ACI EUROPE / ACI WORLD Annual General Assembly Conference and Exhibition (WAGA), Felipe outlined reassuring recovery trajectories and the wider significance of these for global social-economic development.

Looking at the broad challenges the industry now faces, the primary concern was sustainability. Here, Felipe stressed the importance of collaboration in this pursuit, not just between airlines and airports, but across the entire aviation ecosystem. This added depth to the discussion around environmental goals and the role of varying initiatives and technologies in building towards them.

The conversation ended with a look at key tech trends Felipe sees shaping airport evolution in the next 5-10 years. This explored biometrics and digital identity management, contactless technology, AI, 3D printing and more. Felipe highlighted that we must leverage the technology to its fullest, whilst always keeping the passenger in mind saying:

“There are a lot of opportunities to engage with technology and to be more effective and user-friendly. The passenger is first. We need to work to the passenger happy – that is the main reason of our existence.”

To hear Felipe speak on all of this, watch the full interview below.



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Article by Jess Brownlow