Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas – Keynote interview

by | Nov 9, 2022 | News, On-demand

Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas – Keynote interview


At World Aviation Festival, Guy Johnson interviewed Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce. The interview explored, “How Qantas are re-emerging on the global stage after braving one of the most extreme lockdowns seen across the globe.”

During this short, 10-minute interview, Alan discussed the industry in a broader sense as well as narrowing down on Qantas’ experience.

Where many present the aviation industry as slow to change, Alan argued it has proved itself to be dynamic and capable. Offering a glass half-full perspective on the state of the industry, Alan articulated its resilience in response to the pandemic and demonstrated a belief that people will continue to fly in the face of external pressures.

Turning to Qantas specifically, Alan briefly outlined how the airline went from being eleven weeks away from bankruptcy to its current position. The Qantas CEO also explained their plans for continuing to live with COVID-19, oil prices, and redundancy in the system.

Providing a refreshingly positive outlook, Alan’s honest and thoughtful appraisal of Qantas and the wider aviation industry offers some useful lessons for the future.



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