Andrew Wilcock, CRO Accelya – Keynote interview

by | Nov 17, 2022 | On-demand, Travel Tech

Andrew Wilcock, CRO Accelya – Keynote interview


At World Aviation Festival last month, Andrew Wilcock, the new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Accelya was interviewed by Henry Harteveldt.

Accelya ‘empowers the air transport community to take better control of the future. Through deep industry expertise, they help their customers to embrace change with greater freedom and choice.’

Andrew highlighted the aspects of aviation that prime the industry for innovative growth including a desire to drive greater customer centricity and an appetite for change and transformation.

The CRO also fired out some ideas on how to put more control back into the hands of airlines to ultimately drive a greater level of customer centricity.

At the time of the interview, Andrew had only been in the industry for two months. This enabled him to see more clearly the areas in which the industry is not as advanced as others. Bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the discussion, Andrew was firing with energy and ideas for how to serve clients better.

Watch the 15-minute interview below.