“What Are You Looking Forward to at This Year’s World Aviation Festival?”

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Digital Transformation, Events, News

“What Are You Looking Forward to at This Year’s World Aviation Festival?”

In advance of the upcoming World Aviation Festival, I had a chat with a few of the experts who will be moderating our sessions.

I was joined online by Paul van Alfen, Harald Deprosse, Jerry Angrave, and Iztok Franko to discuss a little about what they were looking forward to this year. These are just a few of the impressive experts we have lined up as moderators for the event in October.

One overwhelming theme across these discussions was everyone’s excitement to get back to a full-scale, in person event. It will have been years since the last “normal” event and having everyone back in the same room has got everyone buzzing for Amsterdam.



Where can you see these experts at the event?


Paul van Alfen – Aviation Payments

Managing Director at Up in the Air – Travel Payment Consultancy

5th October

  • AirBaltic keynote interview – Interviewing CEO Martin Gauss, “Exploring AirBaltic’s Pioneering Work in NFTs and Their Future FinTech Strategies”
  • Moderating panel, “What Opportunities Can Airlines Find in Global Payment Methods Through Understanding Regional Systems and Preferences?”

6th October

  • United Airlines fireside chat – Interviewing Director, Chris Thompson, “Using Inter-Industry Revelations to Modernise Aviation Payments, From Ticket Seller to Holistic Retailer”
  • Moderating panel, “How Can Airlines Use NDC as a Commercial Asset to Get the Most Out of Their Payment Systems?”
  • Moderating panel, “How Can Airlines Work with Customers Needs While Combatting the Greatest Challenges in Payments Today, Such as Fraud, Holdbacks, and Evolving Relationships with Banking Partners


Harald Deprosse – Aviation Loyalty

Partner at Envolved GmbH

5th October

  • Chair introductory and closing remarks
  • LJI fireside chat – Interviewing Executive Advisor, Nik Laming Loyalty Juggernaut, “Delivering on Future Loyalty Imperatives With Next-Gen Technology”
  • Moderating panel, “How Can We Optimize Engagement With Aviation Loyalty Programs by Adapting to Recent Changes in Passenger Behaviours Surrounding Sustainability and Gen Y & Z Culture?”

6th October

  • Chair Introductory and closing remarks
  • Moderating panel, “Unpacking What Airlines Can Learn and Gain From Other Industries’ Approach to Loyalty Programs”
  • Moderating panel, “What Does the Future of Loyalty Hold When Integrating New Opportunities in Tech Such as Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse?”
  • Fireside chat with James Curry


Jerry Angrave – Customer Experience Airlines

Customer Experience Director at Empathyce

5th October

  • Interviewing Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Siobhan Fitzpatrick “Reimagining Your Digital Channels Through Personalisation and Digital Self Service”
  • Moderating panel, “How Can Airline CX Teams Keep Up with the Increased Need for Flexibility, Sustainability, Personalization, Digital Differentiation to Create Superior End-to-End Experiences?”
  • Moderating panel, “How Can We Further Empower Customers Using Omni-Channel Digital Self-Service and Touchless Technology Throughout the Journey?”

6th October

  • Moderating panel, “How Are the Requirements for More Flexibility, Touchless Technologies, and the Increasingly Complex Nature of Travel Impacting Our Ability to Handle Disruptions Effectively?”


Iztok Franko – Talent & Diversity Summit

Founder of Diggintravel, host of the Diggintravel Podcast and Mentor and Instructor at Diggintravel Airline Digital Academy

4th October

  • Moderating panel, “Understanding How the Industry Can Move From a Historic IT Mindset to a More Modern Agile Way of Thinking Focused on People, Processes, and Technology?”

For further details on the agenda, have a look here.

Article by Jess Brownlow