Air New Zealand expands in app baggage tracking

by | May 16, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Travel Tech

Air New Zealand expands in app baggage tracking


Following a successful pilot programme in April, Air New Zealand is expanding its in app baggage tracking feature. The test run will now be available to 25 per cent of app users travelling domestically and five per cent of app users travelling on an international short haul flight.

According to SITA’s recently published 2023 Baggage IT Insights report, there has been a sharp increase in the mishandled baggage rate by 74.7% to 7.6 bags per thousand passengers in 2022. The report attributes this in part to the resumption of international and long-haul flights during 2022.

Digital solutions can provide passengers with more control and peace of mind as the industry scales back up. With Air New Zealand’s in app bag tracking feature, customers can view the last recorded status of their baggage while travelling. According to the airline’s Chief Digital Officer, in an upcoming release customers will also be able to report and monitor mishandled baggage via the app.

Air New Zealand Chief Digital Officer Nikhil Ravishankar said:

“Updates to our app last year mean we are now able to be more adaptable when it comes to creating and adding digital solutions that solve pain points for customers. Baggage tracking is a perfect example of this. Customers can track the journey of their bag and receive guidance on what to do if their bag has taken a detour […] Baggage tracking puts information directly in the hands of our customers, streamlining processes, relieving pressure on our teams, and giving passengers peace of mind that their luggage is on the journey with them.”

With the “exponential increase” in mishandled baggage witnessed in 2022, these digital solutions can bridge the gap while the industry stabilises all whilst enhancing passenger agency.

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Article by Jess Brownlow