How Value Group and Swissport succeed in providing optimal customer care solutions to passengers during IROPs

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Interviews, News, On-demand

At World Aviation Festival, Marina Bottelli, CEO, Swissport Italy and Thomas Sergnese, CCO, Value Group came together to discuss the importance of IROPS management in the aviation industry. In this concise interview, they shed light on Value Group’s contribution to maintaining a positive passenger experience even during disruption.

Thomas illustrated the importance of effective experience recovery, explaining:

“Statistical data shows that 8 out of 10 passengers do not travel with the same airline again if they are not offered any kind of assistance during disruption. So we believe a lot in experience recovery, which can only be achieved in our opinion, by assisting passengers whenever disruption occurs.”

Marina echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of a consistent level of service especially during disruption saying, “you can add value in a negative moment and make them feel cared for.” Additionally, Swissport Italy’s CEO highlighted the inherent difficulties with approaching these challenges whilst managing other tasks essential to irregular operations.

In an industry where IROPS can cause high profile disruption, the ability of industry players to provide travellers with the best service throughout is a point of differentiation.

Watch the full interview below.



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