World Aviation Festival 2023 – Managing the evolving landscape of challenges in the aviation industry. A closer look at the agenda release.

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World Aviation Festival 2023 – Managing the evolving landscape of challenges in the aviation industry. A closer look at the agenda release.


The aviation industry plays a critical role in contemporary society. It connects people and places, drives economic growth, and supports livelihoods extending from pilots to mechanics, those working for the tourist sector to airport staff. This profitable commercial airline industry has existed for over a century, but its landscape is perpetually evolving, bringing new opportunities and challenges. The World Aviation Festival helps drive innovation in the industry, developing year on year and responding to changes in the environment.

Here are a few of the highlights from the World Aviation Festival 2023 agenda.


Cybersecurity summit

The aviation industry is heavily intertwined with technology at every level. It has become central to air traffic control, security practices, and airport operations just to name a few. It is therefore imperative cybersecurity is taken seriously.

This year, there will be an entire summit dedicated to cybersecurity curated in association with Aviation ISAC, an international community of airlines, airports, IFE/Satcom, OEMs, and aviation service providers. Cybersecurity threats can result in harm to travellers and crew members, data breaches of passenger information and flight plans, disruption to operational efficiency, and much more. Consequently, the summit will map out the evolving threat as well as the challenges of an increasingly regulated cybersecurity market. The sessions will also look at preparing for the increase in ransomware, and a discussion surrounding the impact of AI on cybersecurity in the aviation industry.

During this summit, attendees can expect to hear from airlines, airports, and organisations to understand the threat and explore innovative solutions, helping to navigate the growing threat of cybersecurity.



IROPS summit

IROPS can cause widescale disruptions in the aviation industry, creating problems for passengers and often resulting in financial and reputational losses for airlines and airports. In recent years there have been a number of high profile disruptions caused by IROPS precipitated by the global pandemic, extreme weather events, and shifts in global power relations. Although these events cannot be controlled, the ability of industry players to absorb the disruption and provide travellers with the best service throughout is a point of differentiation.

At this year’s IROPS summit, sessions will focus on prediction and prevention as well as customer recovery. Here, the potential applications of technology to mitigate the extremes of disruption are considered as well as the human aspect and prioritising communication with the customer.

This summit will feature speakers from airlines including AirAsia, TAP, United, KLM, and more. 



Talent summit

The crippling staff shortages the industry has suffered from in recent years have exacerbated a long term trend, people are no longer flocking for jobs in aviation. During the pandemic, aviation lost 2.3 million jobs globally. As people returned back to work there has been a lack of willingness for staff to return to the industry. This is for a multitude of reasons including pay, movement to other sectors, changes in personal circumstances, and many more. Although some aspects of staff shortages can be addressed with widespread automation, it is vital the sector starts to attract talent back to the industry.

Building from the success of last year, the talent summit will return in 2023. This will look at employment trends and retention, exploring how to strengthen and shape the post-pandemic workforce. The sessions will also look at the digital revolution, understanding the impact of rapid digitalisation and considering the reskilling of current employees for the evolving job market.



For all this and more, take a look at the highly anticipated World Aviation Festival agenda. With thousands of attendees set to join hundreds of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors this year’s World Aviation Festival is not one to miss. Book now to secure your place.


Article by Jess Brownlow