How Virtual Interlining can benefit airlines

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, News

Technology is changing how the world travels. Here’s how Virtual Interlining solutions can help airlines adapt and grow

In an age of rapid technological development, transparent global marketplaces and customer-centric approaches, airlines have been pushed into a retail journey far beyond the already overly complex aviation business.

Cities and towns with smaller airports are becoming significantly more active in generating aviation passenger traffic. Those airlines who adapt quickly to this new world will gain a greater share of the pie.

The legacy approach of robust, rigid systems is too slow and expensive. Classic interlining and special prorate agreements are long and require complex operations to be set up. They come at a high price and are questionable in terms of distribution power. Standard network development provides the best payoff, but this is always limited in its reach and bets on long-term stable demand and static customer profiles.

This is no longer a safe play with increasing capacity in the global market, lower fares and fierce competition. The massive growth in self-connecting passenger traffic is proof of the market’s transformation.

Virtual Interlining technology emerged as a response to do it yourself travelers’ needs. Not only does it open a variety of options — both for the customer to travel and for airlines and airports to reach out to new markets — it sets a whole new standard for the industry.

Virtual Interlining solutions from and AeroCRS allow airlines of all sizes to build a custom virtual network. This instantly connects airlines with more than 750 carriers globally and allows them to expand with hundreds and thousands of Virtually Interlined origins and destinations from different markets. These can be purchased directly from an airline’s website with a custom-made, branded white label.

For passengers, connectivity and accessibility is the name of the game. By connecting to full-service and low-cost carriers of all sizes with Virtual Interlining, airlines are able to offer their customers trips to any airport on the planet.

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