The latest interactive, AI-powered retail experience at Changi Airport

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Airports, Digital Transformation, News, Retailing, Travel Tech

The latest interactive, AI-powered retail experience at Changi Airport


A partnership between Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail and Lotte Duty Free has produced a unique, AI powered, experience redefining retail in an airport setting. This “first of its kind” for an airport space, pushes the boundaries of retail with its combination of technology, personalisation, and imagination.

Encapsulating the world-famous airport’s customer focused and technology driven vision, the 33-square-feet boutique has a range of immersive experiences and services for passengers, including an AI ambassador, digitalised merchandising units, robot bartenders, and VIP tastings.

Teo Chew Hoon, Changi Airport Group’s Managing Director, Airside Concessions said:

“We are proud to launch the Martell AI-powered boutique, which harnesses the power of data and technology to deliver personalized customer-centric experiences; a key tenet of the Changi Airport retail experience.”

Located in Changi’s Terminal 1 Lotte Duty Free store, the interactive exhibit features the ‘Martell Untouchable Taste’ tool, which “guides shoppers through the Martell range, and provides personalized tasting recommendations based on their preferences. This recommendation is then sent to the Martell robot bartender, who proceeds to serve the desired beverage to the customer.”

With Changi consistently positioning itself at the forefront of innovation, the integration of this “retail theatre” continues to elevate the airport experience though new and engaging technologies.


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Article by Jess Brownlow