IATA and ATPCO partner to enhance transparency around carbon emissions 

by | Jun 7, 2023 | News

IATA and ATPCO partner to enhance transparency around carbon emissions


The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) partnership with ATPCO was announced yesterday. In the upcoming months, ATPCO plans to integrate IATA’s CO2 Connect data into its Routehappy API offering, helping passengers to make informed choices based on an accurate understanding of the emissions associated with their flights.

With nearly two-thirds of travellers believing they have a responsibility to know the carbon emissions of their flights, the provision of accurate data is imperative.

ATPCO is adding sustainability insights to its API which already conveys the “amenities” onboard from Wi-Fi to seat type. ATPCO partners with over 400 airlines and channels to identify marketplace needs, deliver standards and global solutions.

Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General said:

“We know travellers want to understand their flight’s environmental impact in a consistent, transparent and trustworthy way. IATA CO2 Connect is the most accurate tool providing this information. ATPCO customers will be able to make travel decisions using carbon calculations benefitting from top quality.”

Alex Zoghlin, President and CEO of ATPCO said:

“Routehappy data has been the one-stop shop for airline merchandising data for years. Adding this needed data is another way for ATPCO to provide more value back to our airline and channel partners, and in turn the consumers. It’s clear there is a growing interest from passengers, corporate, travel management companies, and travel agents to receive CO2 information so they can use it to compare flights and make a more sustainable choice. IATA’s CO2 Connect offers airline specific emissions data and we are looking forward to making this available to our growing list of Routehappy Rich Content partners.”

IATA CO2 Connect utilises the Carbon Calculation Methodology adopted by IATA’s Passenger Service Conference in March 2022 to provide airline specific actual fuel burn information and load factors.

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