Julia Simpson, CEO WTTC – Keynote interview

by | Nov 4, 2022 | News

Julia Simpson, CEO WTTC – Keynote interview


In a keynote interview at World Aviation Festival 2022, Julia Simpson CEO, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) joined Ben Thompson, BBC for a keynote interview. In this short, 15-minute interview Julia answered questions around ‘What lessons did we learn from the pandemic, and what should be the primary objectives for building back better in 2023 and beyond?’

Although the World Aviation Festival incorporates a wide variety of industry leaders from different areas of the world, Julia was able to provide an overarching global perspective.

After highlighting the international impact of the pandemic to jobs, the economy, and standard of living Julia remained forward facing in the interview. Bringing attention to the potential growth of the travel and tourism industry, Julia constructively explored ideas surrounding digital adoption, sustainability, and opportunity for employees.

Watch the full interview below to hear the WTTC CEO’s perspective on rebuilding the travel and tourism industry and looking to the future.



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