Rethinking Loyalty – Practical Tips for Innovation

by | Nov 24, 2019 | News, Retailing

Expedia Partner Solutions and Points carried out a benchmarking survey to assess the state of customer loyalty in the travel industry across multiple geographies and stakeholder groups.

Taken very broadly, the news from the survey is overwhelmingly positive. All signs seem to be pointing north for customer loyalty, with significant gains reported almost across the board, along with marked optimism about the years ahead.

But while the big picture looks promising, a closer look at the survey results raises questions, particularly around the sustainability of the conditions and tactics behind recent loyalty gains. As we will see in this report, some businesses attribute their gains to external factors – a strong economy, for instance, or weak competition – rather than strategic business moves. If those external factors go into reverse, will loyalty gains tied to them do the same?

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  • The trends that have changed the loyalty game
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  • The innovations that will continue to reshape it, from mobile integration to the role of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • The practical steps that you can take today to develop your loyalty strategy

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