From Vision to transition

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, News

NDC (New Distribution Capability) became, since its start in 2012, a necessity for airline distribution. Although the NDC concept is nowadays broadly understood, acknowledged, and mainly used as a very efficient distribution API for ancillaries, it didn’t change airline distribution as much as it should have. While airlines still tried re-thinking their processes to use NDC more effectively, ONE Order was introduced by IATA in 2016. ONE Order connected the newly gained distribution possibilities to backend processes, but it didn’t solve the challenge airlines face while transitioning to be a retailer.

ONE Order’s core intention is to gain back control over your product by enabling you to be master of your offer, your revenue, your services and, most importantly, your customer. Standards are established to be able to bring the most fitting offer at the right time to the right customer, and to the account team for sales.

How you can overcome the challenge of questioning every distribution process? How do you seamlessly go back to square one for the full transition to ONE Order? How do choose an architecture which adapts to the stages of transformation and always makes sense for your business?

Read on and get answers to these questions and other complexities that arise while transitioning to be a retailer.