Four start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Sustainability

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Travel Tech

Four start-ups to look out for at Aviation Festival Asia: Sustainability


Aviation Festival Asia gathers together industry giants, start-ups, and everyone in between to drive innovation in the aviation industry. The event is an opportunity for start-ups to get noticed and for influential industry players to forge business partnerships in the Asia Region.

Here are four start-ups to watch at Aviation Festival Asia, focusing on sustainability.


1. Accumulus

Accumulus is a Singapore-based company that aims to help air transport operators achieve next-generation sustainable operations.

Airlines need to bridge data and technology gaps in order to effectively harness operations big data to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

We have developed Waypoint, an AI-driven software system that allows airlines to implement ready solutions to address such limitations, helping them improve their operating margins and reduce their emissions at the same time.


2. Ampaire

Ampaire is making travel safe, clean, quiet, and affordable by upgrading existing aircraft to hybrid-electric power.

Ampaire has scored a series of industry firsts since the 2019 maiden flight of its Electric EEL testbed, including the longest flight for a hybrid-electric aircraft—1,826 km. In April 2022, Ampaire began ground power runs of its hybrid-electric Eco Caravan, slated for certification in 2024. It cuts fuel consumption by up to 70 percent, flies nearly carbon neutral with SAF, and with no charging infrastructure required. Ampaire intends to offer all-new hybrid and electric aircraft built on the success of its upgrade programs.


3. FlyORO

FlyORO drives the mission to decarbonize flying today, as an enabler to the SAF supply chain. A revolutionary cost-effective way to blend SAF directly to airports, reducing logistical costs and carbonization. Built modularly, FlyORO’s novel solution allows blending on demand just-in-time, allowing customization of ratios of jet to biofuel per flight.


4. Greenie Web

Greenie Web is a Singapore headquartered ClimateTech startup that focuses on sustainable digitization and digital decarbonization. Our mission is to empower governments and companies to embed sustainability in their digital transformation processes while decarbonizing their existing digital infrastructure. Leveraging on our in-house technology, we facilitate the reduction of digital carbon emissions, energy bills and data usage by our partners. In doing so, we enable governments and companies to embark on the green, energy and digital transition simultaneously and seamlessly.


With sustainability high on the agenda for much of the industry this year, the event will be an exciting place to see how start-ups and industry giants can come together.