Sabre Travel AI TM : driving innovation and creating differentiation in the travel marketplace

by | Sep 27, 2021 | News, Travel Tech

Most people today have experienced AI and ML in their everyday lives in one way or another, from ride-share services, retail and entertainment sites, to household robots and more. Large amounts of data inundate our daily lives, and oftentimes, computer systems are better equipped than humans to process that data quickly and more accurately. Now, travel companies globally have seen measurable results from adopting and embedding this type of intelligence technology alongside their existing tools and applications.

Sabre’s own technology transformation strategy has been focused on developing a powerful common platform that is flexible and open to deliver rich, market-aligned products to meet demands. In 2020, Sabre announced a 10 year strategic innovation partnership with Google Cloud and has since introduced Sabre Travel AI ™–an industry-first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven technology platform. Sabre’s partnership with Google Cloud is geared to not only augment this strategy, but simultaneously capture the opportunity that lies in third-generation technology. Sabre Travel AI TM will drive business innovation and create true differentiation in the travel marketplace through seamless integration with Sabre’s current applicable products.

As Sabre applications are moved to Google Cloud, these disparate data silos can be unified and integrated with state-of-the-art ML and compute infrastructure.

[blockquote text=”AI/ML, defined Today, IBM defines AI as “the ability of a computer or machine to mimic the capabilities of the human mind – learning from examples and experience, recognizing objects, understanding and responding to language, making decisions, solving problems – and combining these and other capabilities to perform functions a human might perform.” Machine learning is a subset of AI and focuses on machines’ ability to receive a set of data, learn for themselves, and change their algorithms as they learn more about the information that they are processing, ultimately allowing them to perform with increasingly greater accuracy. ” text_color=”#004070″ width=”80″ line_height=”undefined” background_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#004070″ show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””]


What is Sabre Travel AI TM?

Created as part of Sabre and Google’s strategic innovation framework, Sabre Travel AI TM makes scalable, practical artificial intelligence real for the travel industry. At its core, the proprietary technologies inside Sabre Travel AI ™ include:

  • Proven AI technology tailored for the travel industry
  • A machine learning toolkit with re-usable frameworks for speed to market
  • Data tools and real-time marketplace data that work with the ML toolkit for analysis at scale

These AI- and ML-based services accelerate Sabre’s capabilities across retailing, distribution, and fulfillment:

Retailing and personalized offer creation  

Within retailing, Sabre sees significant opportunity in connecting Sabre Travel AI TM services to Sabre products that help further optimize revenue and increase yield. These services are expected to help create more accurate and customer-centric schedules; optimize offer management strategies and tailor experiences; and run sophisticated experiments to continually test and learn across all channels. Last year, Sabre announced one of the first applications of Sabre Travel AI ™ technology, the new intelligent retailing engine that will enable the dynamic bundling of air and ancillary offers.

Distribution and omni-channel offer sourcing

In the distribution space, we are creating services that help travel providers increase customer value. New algorithms are outputting conversion indicators, such as propensity to book, to better respond to incoming shopping requests. Similarly, these algorithms can help agents better predict commissionable revenue at the time of booking.

Fulfillment and intelligent operations

Finally, Sabre Travel AI TM services also have applicability in the Fulfillment space, where sophisticated models are helping airlines, agencies and hotels improve their operational performance. This will help enable a future where travel suppliers can predict operational problems further and further into the future, giving them more agility and flexibility to respond in advance.

Visit our Sabre Travel AI TM page to learn more about this technology and stay tuned for our first three product capabilities launching this year.