“The gift we possess is a blank sheet of paper, we have no legacy.” Tony Douglas, CEO, Riyadh Air

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Airlines, Digital Transformation, Interviews, News, On-demand, Travel Tech

At World Aviation Festival, Tony Douglas, CEO, Riyadh Air joined for a conversation around the new airline and its focus on digitisation.

Tony stressed that having no legacy systems gives the airline freedom. As the carrier will not be shackled by outdated tech, it can “start from day one in a modern, digital way.” Although the CEO explained details on how the airline will engage with passengers will not be shared until next year, he highlighted that Saudi Arabia’s digitally native population “demands” the same seamless technological experience they are accustomed to in their daily lives.

Exploring Riyadh Air’s unique contribution to Vision 2030, Tony described the carrier as having a responsibility to make a strong first impression as tourists arrive. The airline is pushing for a twist on aviation looking to “send a message that this is modern Arabia.” Applying this across the airline, Tony highlighted that if you look at the aircraft livery, it has more in common with a global executive’s private jet than what you associate with commercial aviation. Although details deliberately limited, the conversation emphasised Riyadh Air’s commitment to being a modern, digital airline aligning with the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Watch the full interview to hear directly from Tony on all this and more.



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