Interview with Kian Gould, Chairman of Omnevo РE-commerce, ancillaries, and consumer behaviour 

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, News, On-demand, Retailing, Travel Tech

Interview with Kian Gould, Chairman of Omnevo – E-commerce, ancillaries, and consumer behaviour


In this interview Kian Gould, Chairman of Omnevo, discusses the biggest changes in consumer behaviour and their causes, trends in travel retail, the differences between an airline and an airport’s digital relationship to the passenger, an informative breakdown of ancillary revenues, and more.

Throughout the conversation, the Omnevo Chairman also explores how the pandemic shifted customers’ relationship with e-commerce and explains how the company reduced one airline’s food waste by approximately 70 per cent.

Omnevo represents next-level digital ancillary revenue and operations empowerment. Their products allow providers to regain full control of their omnichannel retail customer engagement while leveraging the power of e-commerce marketplaces.



Questions asked:

  1. What changes have Omnevo noticed in consumer behavior over the last two years?
  2. How did the Omnevo platform support Singapore airlines during the crisis, particularly the grounding of fleets? And how is it supporting them now through the recovery?
  3. KrisShop is the industry benchmark for digital ancillary revenue right now how do you see such platforms evolving in the next 5 years?


Article by Jess Brownlow